Kathleen Ski

How I Got Started in Quilting

      My interest in quilting was inspired by, Marguerite Schreiber not long after I married her son Matt. Exibitions of Marguerite's work have been featured at many galleries all over Ohio most recently at The Ohio State University Faculty Club. The picture to the right is Marguerite and her work.

      Marguerite and I were fortunate to live and work in the Columbus, OH area, which has may active quilters and is home to the National Quilting Association. We recently attended their Annual Quilt Show, check out their Award Winners. We also have the opportunity to visit Nancy Crow in her studio. With such inspired quilters in the area it's no wonder I got caught up in the creativity of quilt making.

      With Marguerite's help, plus studying many books and magazines, I learned quilting over many years. I have been an on again off again quilter for around 20 years now. I have completed 1 queen size, 3 twin size, and 3 crib size quilts. In addition, I've done numerous art quilt wall hangings, kitchen items like placemats, purses, vests and other acessories. I have to admit that going back to college for the last three years really slowed down my quilting, but now that I have landed the new job, I look forward to starting back up again.

Marguerite Schreiber

My Quilts

MomRunner1.gif Swan.gif RedandBlueQuilt.jpg wedquilt.jpg
Stars Table Runner
Swan Wall Hanging
Star Log Cabin Queen Quilt
Sisters Block Wedding Quilt
Double Irish Chain MomMatsSet.gif purse.jpg TropicalFlowers.jpg
Double Irish Chain Crib Quilt
Desert Sunset Place Mat Set
Log Cabin Handbag
Tropical Flowers Wall Hanging
RRTwin1.gif Sham1.jpg AllPlacemats.gif CowgirlPillow.jpg
Western Twin Quilt 1
Western Coordinated Pillow Sham
Sunset Horses Place Mat Set
Cowgirl Pillow

Would you like to see a collection of my work?
Then the click this image to:
download my new quilt gallery program here.

Why should you install it? You will get to see many of my quilt projects and info about each. I developed this program as part of my learning experience working with the C# programming language and the Microsoft Visual Studio programming tools. I am using this environment at work as a Web GIS Developer in my new location in Jacksonville, NC. So this is like a homework project for me. Please send any feedback or issues to me via email, by using the contact me link below.

Instructions for my Quilt Gallery:
This is for windows users only! Just unzip it and run the set up program in the Quilts folder. It can be uninstalled form the normal Add/Remove programs folder. The program is written in C# (C sharp) and requires the Microsoft.net 3.5 framework. Don't worry if you don't have it, you will be walked through installing it as well. Note when installing the .net software there will be a reboot required, however the install should pick right back up where it left off after the reboot.

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