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      After graduation in 2008, I took a job with URS Corp. I am GIS Web and Applications Developer using ESRI ArcGIS Server managing about 30 Web Map Services and our Online Map Viewer. I have always loved maps and exploring, so I just love this job. I am working with the FLEX 3 API combined with C# in the .NET environment. I cannot say very much about the job, as I am working on site at a secure facility. I have to say that the move from central Ohio to eastern North Carolina was worth it. I don't miss that snow, and love being close to the ocean again. Having been born on the coast of Long Island, NY falling asleep to the sound of the surf is memory I had nearly forgotten. Plus, the seafood is just grand!

      With over a year of this job behind me it was time for a new challenge. I had looked at masters programs for GIS, however with all the graduate level courses I already had under my belt from OSU, most of the master programs had little if anything new to teach me. What I really needed was to expand my knowledge on the software technology side of the fence. I did some research and there were no graduate schools in the local area, so I turned to online programs. North Carolina has an extensive list of online degree programs at really reasonable prices for in state students. So I am now a online student at Eastern Carolina University working on a MS in Software Engineering.

      When I'm not at work or online for school I several interests which fill my time. I have two Peach Face lovebirds: Keri and Peepers. Don't let the name fool you, lovebirds really do not love each other. They are however sweet to me. They like to travel and have been on several camping excursions, where they just love talking to the birds in the great outdoors. They made both of the vacation trips to Ohio this year. I added a Garmin GPS to my car when I arrived in NC and have been exploring the eastern coast over the last year. I love the historic coastal towns: Swansboro, Moorehead City, Beaufort, Wilmington and the North Carolina Aquariums.

      I think part of what I love about mapping is that I not only use my GIS technical skills, but it also requires a bit of artistic talent. When I am not hitting the books for school the artist in me has to have an outlet. While I have worked in all kinds of media from painting to computer animation, I have to say that quilting became the primary focus of my art years ago. I had to find quilters and quilt shows happening in North Carolina once I arrived and settled in. I went online and did some research, but being new here I did not know where all these places were located, so of course I went off to Google maps. The end result being my map of quilt shows of North Carolina, which is now a link on quilting sites. You can check out my Quilt Shows of North Carolina Map. Want to see my artistic side? I have put together a collection of my quilt projects, please check out My Quilt Gallery.

      I also love to read. I am a long time Science Fiction fan. I think it comes from growing up watching Star Trek and the Apollo Moon missions. I just cannot pass up a good space adventure in print or film. These are just a few of my favorite authors:
  • Kevin J Anderson
  • Poul Anderson
  • Issac Asimov
  • Ben Bova
  • David Brin
  • Lois McMaster Bujold
  • Julie E. Czerneda
  • Micheal Flynn
  • Alan Dean Foster
  • Robert Heinlien
  • Frank Herbert
  • Anne McCaffrey
  • Jack McDevitt
  • Larry Niven
  • Kim Stanley Robinson
  • E E Doc Smith
  • Allen Steele
  • Joan D Vinge
  • Paul O Williams

      I have a custom set of 6 bookcases built to hold my collection, which run 12 feet long floor to ceiling, built by my wonderful father. I did do some thinning of the collection before the move to NC, but we still had about 50 cases of books when they were all packed up. I could only come up 5 cases of books I could part with to take to the used book store. It's a challenge to keep myself from picking that new SF book, when I really need to be reading my textbook for class. It helped that I canceled my membership in the Science Fiction Book Club, because if I have not seen a book it is much easier to resist temptation.

Yes, I went back to school!
First OSU and now ECU!


      Yes, that's me receiving my Degrees from The Ohio State University on June 8, 2008. I am a Buckeye!

      I went back to school after years in the business world to finish my degree and enhance my skill set. I added a whole new dimension to my skills by pursuing a degree in Spatial Analysis and Geographic Information Science (GIS). Having spent time in the Computer Aided Drawing/Design (CAD) field and in Project and Information Management, I asked myself how I could tie these two fields together? My quest to find something that would take advantage of my significant expertise led me to GIS. This combines the drawing from my CAD background to create maps with my database skills, to tie data to the maps for analysis.

      Low and behold, Ohio State University (OSU) had a top-notch GIS program in the Geography Department. Since OSU is where I had studied my earlier undergraduate work in Sociology, I went back to my old stomping ground. I finished the B.A. in Sociology, while adding the B.S. in Spatial Analysis Methods/GIS. I worked full time during my first two years and after only two quarters back in school, I made the Dean's list and stayed on it for the duration of my experience at OSU. The increase in my overall GPA earned me an OSU academic scholarship for my last year, which allowed me to attend full time and drop to part time employment. I loved learning and the experiences I had in both the classroom and outside of it. This enabled me to grow in ways I had not imagined. My previous work experience in CAD, in addition to information technology, gave me a big advantage in my GIS studies. This enabled me to skip some lower level course work and incorporate more graduate level GIS classes. Learn more about my academic accomplishments by clicking on the links below.

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