Kathleen Ski

Employment History

URS Corp at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

  Job Title Training and Skills  
GIS Web Developer

  • ArcGIS Server 9.3.1
  • Database connections
  • Map Services
  • Custom Web GIS Applications
  • Research
  • Visual Studio 2008
  • ASP, C#, JS, CSS Programming
  • Database connections
  • Software Testing
  • Quality Assurance
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      Going back to school has really paid off for me. I landed my GIS dream job. As a contractor to the US Marine Corps, I am applying everything I learned in school about ArcObject programming and web mapping applications. Combine that with my database application development experience and the programming classes which taught the latest object oriented programming style and I feel well prepared for this position with URS and USMC. I am working on the migration of the Web GIS applications to the latest ArcGIS Server (ver 9.3.1). I am learning on the job to program in Visual Studio 2008 for the .net environment. I am working with ASP, C# with ArcObjects, JavaScript and CSS to build the latest technology for their enterprise GIS network. Due to the secret nature of my work I cannot go into details of the applications I am working on. Believe me, it is going great, and I am working with a great team.

Community Research Partners

  Job Title Training and Skills  
Research/GIS Intern

  • ArcGIS Installation
  • ArcGIS Updates
  • Geocoding
  • Data research
  • Data set downloads
  • Joining databases to geography
  • Data aggregation
  • Map projections
  • Map template and map design
  • Spatial analysis
  • Statistical calculations
  • ArcGIS Model processing
  • Database design/development
  • Software documentation
  • Software testing
  • Software training
  • Client support
  • Spreadsheet and graphics/charts
      I worked at Community Research Partners during my last 2 quarters at OSU as a student intern. I was responsible for updating the community data portal, DataSource, an ArcIMS web mapping application with several years' worth of data from various community sources. I developed databases, performed geocoding, used modeling to aggregate data across geographies and documented the processes in a training manual. I worked on a series of ten maps using spatial analysis methods for a client research project. I did software testing of a new version of the data portal documenting bugs and incomplete functionality for the design team. I trained staff in the use ArcGIS tools and worked on the development of a standard map template. I assisted with training classes offered to users of the DataSource application. In addition, I did research, preparing data and graphics, for two major projects: Benchmarking Central Ohio and the Community Indicators Database.
Reference: David Norris     Email: dnorris@communityresearchpartners.org    Phone: 614-224-5917, ext. 109
For a detailed discussion of my internship, see the Community Research Partners page.
There are many examples of my maps on the Geography page.

Byrd Polar Research Center

  Job Title Training and Skills  
Research/GIS Intern

  • Download raw MODIS imagery
  • Process image correction software
  • Process imagery rectification in ENVI software
  • Create image projection files in ENVI and ArcMAP
  • Scan images in time sequence for abrupt drainage events
  • Enter locations in custom IDL program
  • Create Melt Lake Area Study Map in ArcMAP
  • Perform statistical calculations
  • Co-author article for Journal of Glaciology
      I worked at the Byrd Polar Research Center during the 2006/2007 school year as a research intern for a project funded by NASA. This project focused on the melt lakes forming on the Greenland Ice sheet and increased our knowledge base of climate change developments. Dr. Box made a trip to Greenland where he surveyed two melt lakes, acquiring lake depth data and GPS positioning. Extrapolating from the site survey data, we developed an IDL software program to calculate lake volume from the MODIS imagery. I examined the daily MODIS imagery for the summer melt season encompassing a six-year period spanning 2000 to 2005. I recorded the geolocations of numerous abrupt melt lake outbursts from the time series imagery. Using the software developed, we built a database of the melt water volume from these outbursts in the vicinity of the Jakobshavn Glacier. I prepared the Melt Lake Study Area map using ENVI and ArcGIS for the publication of this research in the Journal of Glaciology. The result of this research quantifies the tremendous volume of water from these outbursts, which flows to the base of the ice sheet through moulins. The research adds to knowledge of the melt lake hydraulic processes in the Jakobshavn Glacier area, which is one of the fastest moving glaciers worldwide and can be applied to understanding glacier movements in other locations.
Reference: Dr. Jason Box     Email: box.11@osu.edu    Phone: 614-247-6899 or 614-688-5758
For a detailed discussion of my internship or to download the Journal of Glaciology article see the Byrd Polar Research Center page.


  Job Titles Training and Skills  
Premium Technical Support Agent
Technical Support Supervisor
Tier 2 Technical
Support Agent

  • Remedy call tracking system
  • DSL line testing software
  • Customer account database
  • GoToAssist screen sharing
  • Observed trouble shooting guidelines
  • DSL system installation
  • Any software installation
  • Any software removal
  • Configuration of modems
  • Configuration of routers
  • Web TV configuration
  • NIC card configuration
  • Browsers: IE, Firefox, AOL, MSN, Yahoo
  • Windows OS:Vista,XP, Millennium,NT,98,95
  • System restorations
  • MS Office install/config
  • Email client set up
  • Instant messaging
  • Network set up
  • Secured Wireless Networks
  • Printer and file sharing
  • Virus, spyware, malware issues
  • Web cams
  • Digital cameras - recorders
  • Sling box configuration
  • Game systems connections
  • teleperformancelogo.jpg
          I worked at Teleperformance evenings and weekends while attending classes at OSU. I was hired as a Tier 2 Technical Support agent dedicated to trouble shooting residential DSL connections for a large internet provider. I was promoted to the Technical Support Supervisor team due to consistent high rankings for problem solving and customer satisfaction. This position handled repeat and upset customers from the initial call through resolution. I was promoted a second time for consistently resolving complex issues involving multiple departments. This promotion to the Premium Technical Support team expanded my support realm to all devices connected in any way to the internet, including both hardware and software issues. Due to my expertise, I was called upon to train new support agents and assist fellow team members in resolving complex issues. I won numerous commendations from my clients and supervisors.
    References: Colin Gordan     Phone: call me for phone
    Web Site: Teleperformance

    Datatec Systems Inc.

      Job Titles Training and Skills  
    Sr. Project Administrator
    Project Administrator
    Client Information Manager

    • Project management
    • Information management
    • Access database developer
    • Relational database designs
    • SQL/VB programming
    • Digital cameras
    • JD Edwards Accounting software
    • Account billing and collections
    • AutoCAD r14-2002
    • Microsoft Office Support
    • Software installations
    • Email client set up
    • Network Support
    • Windows OS: XP, Milleneum, NT, 98, 95
    • Phone network configuration
    • CAT5/CAT6 line testing software
    • PC hardware installation and configuration
    • Installation and operation of office equipment:
      fax, copier, scanner, postage metering system
    • Staff Recruitment
    • Client, staff and crew training
    • Project documentation
    • Training manuals
    • Scheduling
          I started with Datatec Systems as a Client Information Manager responsible for project tracking and billing of large-scale technology deployment projects for fortune 500 companies. My responsibilities grew when I was promoted to Project Administrator. I took on management of small projects while continuing to support information management and database development of large-scale projects. I successfully negotiated with clients for project change orders, improving project profitability. I pioneered the use of digital picture databases for project completion documentation. I performed office IT support for the LAN, WAN, VPN connectivity. I supported PC hardware and software, office machines and phone systems. I was promoted again to Sr. Project Administrator within 3 years. I took on the administration of the some of the most complex multi-million dollar projects ever completed within the company, supervising a team of administrators across multiple offices. I presented custom database designs for project administration to clients, which enabled us to successfully land complex jobs. I traveled to several company offices consulting on the design/development of advanced project administration tools and trained local staff in these tools. My supervisors and senior management received numerous commendations from my clients.
    References: Tom Cottrell Phone: 614-882-8714

    Kramer Consulting Inc. / Autocode Mechanical

      Job Titles Training and Skills  
    Technical Support and Product Development
    Office Manager

    • NC-Auto-Code CAM software
    • Product documentation
    • Product technical support
    • Database management
    • Dealer recruitment
    • Direct sales
    • Trade shows
    • AutoCAD design software v2.1-r14
    • Software installation and upgrades
    • Product inventory maintenance
    • Reception and event planning
    • Accounts payable and receivable
    • Windows 95, 3.1, DOS
    • Staff training
          I started with Kramer Consulting as the bookkeeper and was promoted to full time office manager within 6 months. Our primary product was NC-AUTO-CODE, a computer aided manufacturing add-on to AutoCAD for NC/CNC programming. This was later marketed under the name Autocode Mechanical. We also specialized in custom software development for AutoCAD. As office manager in the small business/consulting firm, I wore many hats. Initially my focus was accounting, inventory management and reception. As the company grew, I trained new staff members to take over these job duties. I focused on dealer recruitment (nationally and internationally), direct sales and database management of client licensing and the dealer network. I helped to build our yearly revenue six fold. I worked trade shows and organized our training events. Later, I moved into technical support for client and dealer network, while also assisting the development team. I tested new software releases, worked with the programmer to resolve issues and developed product documentation.
    References: Bob Bradlee     Email: bob@bradlee.org   Phone: 614-777-5900

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